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Widex is known for its advanced hearing aid technology and the company has maintained a good track record ever since it was founded 60 years ago in Denmark.

Widex was merged with Sivantos in March 2019. The results of the merger resulted to WS Audiology, now the third largest hearing aid company in the world. Widex hearing aids are known to specialize in leading-edge technology to offer the best possible performance and sound quality applicable to real-life situations.

Why Widex Hearing Aids?

Widex hearing aids sound spectacular – but it doesn’t stop there. They also look strikingly impressive. The marriage of aesthetics and functionality is clearly seen in the overall design of Widex hearing aids.

In terms of aesthetics, Widex hearing aids are world-class. And their performance? Just as beautiful and as close to perfect.

Widex Moment

The Widex Moment is considered to be revolutionary – every inch of its existence. It is designed to deliver a pure and natural sound, unlike other hearing aids that give artificial amplification. Generally, the sound processed by a hearing aid reaches the eardrum a bit later compared to sound heard directly. Since they reach the eardrum at different speeds, they can be considered as “out of sync” signals. When this happens, an artificial sound is created. Widex hearing aids, specifically Widex Moment, are made to smoothen the gap between those “out of sync” signals. The Widex Moment is also built to last. It is engineered to decrease the risk of moisture damage. Moisture is known to be one of the primary reasons why hearing aids bag down and Widex hearing aids are covered with the needed armor.
It has a water-resistant nano coating and durable microphones to offer smart and tough engineering like no other. The Widex Moment also got rid of the battery door, so there are fewer gaps in the device, less chances for moisture to seep in.
Enjoy the convenience of recharging your device discreetly with a slim and simple charger that can fit any event or occasion.

Widex Cros

Widex CROS can greatly help people with single-sided deafness. The Widex CROS solution is currently available in EVOKE hearing aids.

Whether you need CROS or BiCROS solutions, Widex hearing aids can deliver superb sound quality with zero echoes or distortion. Because sound is wirelessly transmitted from the deaf ear to the better ear, CROS prevents the head shadow effect, reducing detrimental effects and distractions.

Widex Hearing Aids: Tinnitus Solutions

Not all hearing aids in the market offer tinnitus solutions. With Widex hearing aids, you get more than what they’re worth because they offer tinnitus solutions.

If we were to explain tinnitus in the simplest way possible, it would have to be – ringing, buzzing or humming in the ears. Only a person suffering from tinnitus can hear those annoying sounds. Tinnitus can be caused by a wide range of factors, some of which are absolutely uncontrollable, like aging.
Tinnitus is also linked to earwax, ear infections and sensory nerve disorders. High blood pressure, stress and alcohol usage are also associated with tinnitus.

Fortunately, tinnitus can be managed and Widex hearing aids are part of the solution.

Widex Hearing Aids Rochester, Ny

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