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Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron hearing aids are manufactured under Sonova Group, the world’s biggest manufacturer of hearing aids and accessories. The main headquarters of Sonova is in Canada but it also has a headquarters in Minnesota.
Unitron hearing aids are known internationally and are recognized in more than 70 countries. The brand is most especially well known in Europe and North America.

Unitron Hearing Aids: Features And Technology

It is innate for consumers to be drawn to something popular, trusted and established – all of which are characteristics of Unitron hearing aids.
When you choose Unitron hearing aids, you can be confident that you are choosing products from a world-renowned company with a solid reputation of producing high-quality hearing aids. Unitron hearing aids are made available for all types and degrees of hearing loss. Our audiologists can program these hearing aids based on a patient’s hearing test results.

Unitron Hearing Aids: Moxi

Unitron Moxi features discreet and stylish devices that look more like a modern earbud than a hearing instrument. Moxi has 11 models to suit a wide range of hearing requirements and lifestyles.The Moxi Blue line is the latest offering from Unitron. It is powered by Integra OS, a highly advanced signal processing system that makes the device adapt smartly and swiftly to any listening situation. Experience a highly-individualized, adaptable and liberating listening experience with Unitron Moxi hearing aids.

Unitron Hearing Aids: Insera

Insera is one of the premium models of Unitron hearing aids. Powered by EarMatch technology, the Unitron Insera maximizes the performance of the hearing aids by automatically tweaking its performance based on the unique ear shape of its user.Users of Unitron Insera can enjoy highly-detailed awareness and speech understanding while still being able to hear ambient sounds with just the right amplification.

Unitron Hearing Aids: Stride

If you are looking for Unitron hearing aids with a behind-the-ear design, the Unitron Stride is a good option. With a premium and patient-centric design, the Unitron Stride gives users the liberty to interact in all hearing scenarios with ease.Unitron Stride boasts of an award-winning design that is powered with technology that is flexible enough to adapt to various lifestyles. Whether you are on a dinner date, prepping for a business presentation or simply want to enjoy a day at the beach, the Unitron Stride can seamlessly provide adjustment-free listening.

Unitron Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aid accessories are more than just aesthetics – it offers additional technology that can boost or extend the base features and functions of Unitron
hearing aids.Ontario Hearing Center offers a wide selection of accessories for Unitron hearing aids such as –

Unitron Smart Remote Control

With the Unitron Smart Remote Control, users can enjoy an innovative and full-featured remote that allows them to make a wide range of adjustments to Unitron hearing aids. The said adjustments are implemented real-time, making personalization LITERALLY at a user’s fingertips.

Unitron Ustream

Who ever said that one cannot enjoy watching TV shows or listening to music once diagnosed with hearing loss? Unitron hearing aids aim to help people with hearing loss live a normal life – and that includes STILL being able to enjoy stereo wireless streaming to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones, smart TVs and tablets.

Unitron Udirect 3

A counterpart of Unitron uStream, the Unitron uDirect 3 allows users of Unitron hearing aids to connect directly to entertainment and communication devices such as tablets, MP3 players, TVs, mobile phones (iPhone or Android), etc. With this hearing aid accessory, users can keep on enjoying their favorite media content without needing to worry about cumbersome connections.

Unitron Utv3

Keep up with the daily news or your favorite TV series with this Unitron hearing aids accessory. This delivers audio straight from the TV to any Unitron hearing aid – no fuss, no hassle.

Unitron Ucontrol

With the Unitron uControl, YOU are truly in control. You can adjust the volume of your device via smartphone or any other smart device with the Unitron uControl.

Unitron Hearing Aids: The FLEX Experience

Choosing among the many Unitron hearing aids may be confusing. First timers or seniors most especially need help with the hearing aid selection process and we absolutely understand that.
Some patients may request for a FREE TRIAL period to test the waters. Fortunately, Unitron hearing aids offer the FLEX experience which includes a free trial period with no strings attached.
The FLEX experience offers a customer-centric experience that allows potential users to have a free trial period with a hearing aid of their choice.
The trial period for Unitron hearing aids is very comprehensive and realistic. Clients who avail of the FLEX experience can actually get a chance to use Unitron hearing aids at home, at work or during commuting.

Unitron Hearing Aids Rochester, NY

The technology and comfort that Unitron hearing aids offer are products of meticulous engineering and world-class craftsmanship. Unitron has been relentlessly pursuing research and development to continuously improve and upgrade their line of hearing aids.

If you are already set on purchasing Unitron hearing aids but don’t know where to start – the best option would be to see an audiologist. Ontario Hearing Centers is an authorized provider of Unitron hearing aids in Rochester, NY.

Entrust your hearing health only to the experts – call us today to set an appointment at Ontario Hearing Centers, Rochester NY.