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Hearing experience is as unique as a fingerprint. This is why you need hearing aids that can address your specific hearing needs. The ecosystem of ReSound hearing aids along with its apps and wireless accessories give its users the advantage of hearing and adapting to different listening situations while enjoying the best sound quality.

The lineup of ReSound hearing aids ensure that there is a solution for virtually everyone with hearing loss.

ReSound One

ReSound One gives you a highly-individualized, complete and natural sound thanks to an extra microphone in the ear canal called the M&RIE.

ReSound One, along with other ReSound One hearing aids, have All Access Directionality to ensure that you hear what you need to hear. If you have an important event or meeting coming up, the Ultra Focus feature will surely be a big help, allowing you an impressive one-to-one hearing experience even in the toughest listening situation. 

ReSound hearing aids revolutionize the hearing industry, committed to its philosophy of enabling people to connect to the world in the most natural and intuitive way. This means that you won’t have to deal with unnatural sounds or amplification. 

ReSound hearing aids have developed hearing solutions that can closely mimic the anatomy of the human ear. This means that the sounds are picked up from the environment just like how a normal human ear does. 

Users of ReSound hearing aids can enjoy the natural collection of sounds down to how it is delivered to the brain. ReSound One is not just your regular, traditional hearing aid. This hearing aid, along with all the other ReSound hearing aids, aim to give its users the whole sound picture so that it would be easier for them to select sounds that they want and need.

ReSound LiNX Quattro

The LiNX Quattro is one of the most celebrated among ReSound hearing aids. Users get to enjoy an incomparable hearing experience, with a full range of high performing hearing solutions.

The ReSound LiNX Quattro can directly stream from Android and iOS devices. It also has a range of models to suit all hearing loss and preferences. Plus, among all the rechargeable ReSound hearing aids, or all other hearing aids for that matter, the LiNX Quattro has the world’s most advanced rechargeable features.

Easy personalization is another bonus point for ReSound hearing aids. You can enjoy one-tap access to everything you need for a quick adjustment on the go. More time to be fully engaged with the word around you, less time fiddling with your device.

ReSound Enzo Q

The Enzo Q is ReSound’s entry as a solution for severe to profound hearing loss. You get to enjoy clear, comfortable and high-quality sound without compromising your preferences.

The ReSound Enzo Q has more options for direct streaming and connectivity, while providing impressive convenience with remote and real-time support. 

What we like about this pair of ReSound hearing aids is that it can perfectly complement cochlear implants. ReSound hearing aids are created to be more than just amplifiers. They are powered to bring together technology, connectivity, personalization and support so you can get the best hearing experience.

Since the Enzo Q is specifically made to provide solutions for severe to profound hearing loss, clarity of sounds is regarded highly important. You can rest easy knowing that you won’t encounter any squealing noises or whistling even if you ramp the volume up high.

What makes ReSound Enzo Q special is that it aims to improve up to 60% speech recognition in noisy environments. This is a big advantage for people with severe to profound hearing loss because large, noisy environments are considered to be very challenging and can really test the functionality of a hearing device.

With the ReSound Enzo Q, you can follow group conversations and enjoy what’s happening around you by hearing sounds coming from all around you clearly.

ReSound Key

Having a key is basic. Whether it’s a house key, a car key or a locker key. Similarly, ReSound Key is basic – simple yet highly valuable.

Without the right key, you won’t be able to get in your house, use your car or open your locker. The ReSound Key works the same way – you can enjoy hearing sound without exerting much effort.

This hearing aid is rechargeable and on a full charge, can provide up to 30 hours of listening time. You can enjoy direct streaming from compatible devices and you can personalize your listening preferences using the dedicated app for ReSound hearing aids.

ReSound hearing aids stem from the inspiration of how humans naturally hear and interact naturally with the world. ReSound Key is built on the Organic Hearing philosophy that mirrors the natural human hearing experience as closely as humanly possible.

ReSound Nexia

ReSound Nexia is the next era of discreet hearing aids. It has an ellipse shape outlined with soft, symmetrical lines that sit comfortably behind the ears. In terms of connectivity, ReSound Nexia is ready for Bluetooth Auracast broadcast audio, known to be the new standard with a plethora of advantages over classic Bluetooth. Enjoy higher sound quality with significantly lower battery consumption.

ReSound Omnia

ReSound Omnia is ideal for individuals who are seeking a hearing aid that offers a discreet yet highly sophisticated design. Enjoy natural sound with Omnia’s elegant design adorned with soft lines and silhouettes designed to sit comfortably in the ears.

For maximum personalization, ReSound OMNIA™ hearing aids can be custom-made. The smallest style of Omnia perfectly sits in the ears and can be mistaken for earbuds. 

ReSound OMNIA is made for iPhone and iPad and works with most Android™ devices. (check compatibility). You can stream hands-free calls for iPhone and iPad and connect to various wireless accessories.

ReSound Hearing Aids Rochester NY

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