Costco Hearing Aids

Have you been looking around for hearing aids lately? At some point, you may have stumbled on Costco hearing aids.

It was in 2014 when Costco first released hearing aids, and its products have risen to popularity ever since.

Costco is one of the most visited stores in the U.S. Customers like the convenience and the wide choice of items available in Costco.  Needless to say, when Costco made hearing aids available and added a service center in their outlets, its members welcomed it warmly. 

Costco Hearing Aids: Style and Accessories

With advances in digital technology, different types of hearing aids have been created to amplify sound so well. Some types of hearing aids are nearly indistinguishable from natural hearing. There are types of hearing aids that do not rely on power cords or plugs.

Sensitive hearing aid parts are the engine that powers your ears. Digital types of hearing aids use advanced technology, like a camera lens to magnify sounds and keep them in focus. They also make hearing just as natural as it would be without hearing loss - by amplifying sound frequencies separately. Powered with batteries, these devices will last up to four days before needing a charge.

To amplify sound, small microphones collect sounds from the environment. A computer chip with an amplifier converts the incoming sound into digital code that is adjusted based on your hearing loss, listening needs and the level of the sounds around you. The amplified signals are then converted back into sound waves and delivered to your ears through speakers sometimes called receivers.

Costco Hearing Aids: In-store Service

Hearing aids are an investment. You don’t just buy hearing aids like buying gum from a convenience store - you will be using hearing aids for long hours daily, so you need to ensure that you’re going to purchase the right and best one for you.

Are Costco hearing aids the one?  At this point, it’s hard to tell. You yourself need to weigh the pros and cons, along with the features and technology that come along with Costco hearing aids.

If you would like to try Costco hearing aids, you can go to the nearest Costco store near you. Additionally, you can schedule a free hearing test at Costco hearing centers. Take note though, that Costco hearing centers are usually manned by state-licensed hearing aid dispensers.

Should you prefer to be seen by an audiologist and be fitted with hearing aids using real ear measurement, setting an appointment at a hearing clinic is the best option. If you happen to be in the Rochester, NY area, visit Ontario Hearing Centers for your hearing aid needs.

Costco Hearing Aids: Hearing Test

Are the hearing test procedures of Costco the same with hearing clinics in private practice?  Probably. 

Most Costco hearing aid centers have a licensed dispenser around to conduct the test but, in rare instances, an audiologist is actually present to perform the hearing test.

What about the warehouse location? Won’t it affect the integrity of the hearing test? According to Costco, a customer need not worry about the atmosphere of the warehouse because the in-house hearing centers have a soundproof booth specifically structured to provide conducive conditions to carry out accurate hearing tests.

However, if you are not comfortable getting a hearing test in Costco, the best route would be to make an appointment with an audiologist at a hearing clinic. 

Ontario Hearing Centers offer hearing tests and other hearing related services in Rochester, NY. We have two offices - one at Brighton and one at Gates. Feel free to visit us at the branch most convenient for you. 

Costco Hearing Aids Price Range

Aaah, Costco. It’s like a wonderland for shoppers who enjoy good quality products at low prices. Ever since Costco hearing aids were launched, consumers had more options to choose from aside from the hearing aids dispensed at an audiologist’s clinic. The first impression of people when Costco hearing aids are mentioned is their affordability. True enough, Costco hearing aids are indeed cheaper than other models in the market. However, there are some compromises that come along with Costco hearing aids. 

1. Since they are sold at lower prices, Costco does not usually offer the latest and premium versions of major hearing aids.Why? It’s because hearing aid manufacturers offer them first to private audiology practices, like Ontario Hearing Centers. If you would love to get a pair of the latest and premium hearing aids in the market, give us a call or a visit for more details.

2. Costco may get decent ratings for dependable service - and that includes its hearing center services. But, you have to keep in mind that if you go to Costco hearing centers, you are more likely to be checked by a state-licensed hearing aid dispenser rather than an audiologist who has earned a degree and spent longer years of training and schooling.

Moving on, here’s an overview of the Costco hearing aids and their corresponding price tags: 
       •    Kirkland Signature: $1,499 per pair
       •    ReSound: $1,249.99 each
       •    Phonak: $1,249.99 each
       •    Philips: $1,249.99 each
       •    Rexton: $1,249.99

You may have observed that Kirkland Signature hearing aids are priced significantly LOWER than other brands. You’ll be even more flabbergasted once you compare the prices of Costco hearing aids vs devices dispensed in audiology clinics.

Cheaper doesn’t always mean better

Let’s get things straight - Costco hearing aids are cheaper because they are the products of distribution volume. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better - you need to scrutinize the product more and weigh the pros and cons meticulously to come up with a decision.

As audiologists in private practice, we are aware of the impression that hearing aids dispensed in a clinic is expensive. But frankly speaking, we believe that the price you pay at private practices is worth every penny - from the services, apparatus, technology and expertise of an audiologist (not to mention the repairs, services, follow-up checkups, etc), we absolutely think that we’re giving you a super valuable deal.

When you go to Ontario Hearing Centers, Rochester NY, you are not just BUYING hearing aids. You also get to enjoy amazing pre, during and after-sales service and rely on our audiologists’ expertise.

When you step out from Ontario Hearing Centers and bring your hearing aids home, our service does not stop there. We are committed to assist you in every step of your hearing journey with one goal in mind - and that is to give you a chance at better hearing.

Costco Hearing Aids: Red Flags

As the old cliche goes, there are two sides to every coin. We have pretty much summed up the good points of Costco hearing aids - accessible, affordable, decent performance. And all these can be confirmed when you check online reviews in hearing aid forums - well, most of them at least.

Now let’s move on to the red flags - when you purchase Costco hearing aids, you’ll be getting locked hearing aids. When we say locked, you can only have them checked or repaired at Costco service centers.

So imagine that you are on vacation and your hearing aids act a little doozy. You try to go to the nearest Costco but it’s miles away. Quite a hassle, right?

Another thing that you need to consider is real ear measurement (REM). While Costco claims to use REM for their hearing aid fittings, the accuracy of the procedure may be a bit questionable.

You see, Costco employs state-licensed dispensers to perform REM. Private practices, like Ontario Hearing Centers, have licensed audiologists who have years of training and experience under their belt. 

Lastly, Costco hearing aids don’t have “loaners”, known as a spare pair of hearing aids should your original set break down and need to be endorsed to the manufacturer for major repairs. Most private practices have “loaners” so a patient can continue to enjoy better hearing while the broken hearing aids are being repaired.

Answers to Your Questions about Costco Hearing Aids

What hearing aids are available at Costco?

Costco dispenses many digital programmable hearing aids from top name brands PLUS its own line of Kirkland Signature hearing aids.  Costco also carries internationally-known brands such as Rexton, ReSound, Phonak, Rexton and Philips. 

Are Costco hearing aids compatible with smartphone apps?

Most, if not all, hearing aid models have dedicated smartphone apps that can either be downloaded directly from the manufacturer’s web site or from an app store.

Smartphone apps allow users to easily personalize or adjust the settings of their hearing aids. Costco hearing aids have their own respective smartphone apps, where users can have the liberty of adjusting the volume, switching program settings, managing accessory connections, etc.

Are Costco hearing aids recommended for severe hearing loss?

For patients who have poor hearing health and severe hearing loss, we do not recommend Costco hearing aids. Instead, a visit to an audiologist is the best action to take. This is to lower the chances of further hearing deterioration.  

Costco Hearing Aids: Are they worth it?

Here’s our take on Costco hearing aids - Their affordability and accessibility is clearly very attractive to consumers. This is attributed to the volume purchases and distribution clout carried by Costco. If you were to compare the cost of Costco hearing aids vs hearing devices in private practices, there will really be a significant price difference.

But, do take note that there are significant trade-offs that are part of the low price tags of Costco hearing aids:

You won’t find the latest devices in the lineup of Costco hearing aids. We’ve already talked about this in the earlier part of the article but to refresh your mind - manufacturers prioritize the distribution of the latest and high-end hearing aids to private practices. So if you would prefer the latest set of hearing aids, you know where to go. 

Costco hearing aids will be fitted by a state-licensed hearing aid dispenser. If you’re all game for that, then that’s cool. BUT, if you would like to have your hearing aids fitted by a licensed audiologist, setting an appointment at a hearing clinic is the best way to go.

Costco hearing aids are decent options for people on a budget who want to get dependable hearing aids. The brands that Costco hearing aids carry are reputable, no doubt about that. 

BUT, if you or a family member is diagnosed with severe hearing loss or other complicated hearing concerns, you need to be checked by a licensed audiologist. At the end of the day, the money you spend on Costco hearing aids vs the fees you pay at a private practice will go neck to neck. 

Most audiology clinics, including Ontario Hearing Centers, have bundle offerings that cover hearing aids, professional fee, warranty, repairs, follow-up check-ups, etc. 

Ontario Hearing Centers, Rochester NY

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