Hearing aid technology is a continually growing aspect of hearing healthcare, providing people everywhere with high-quality, personalized hearing devices to meet their needs. At Ontario Hearing Centers, we recognize that the options can be overwhelming, so we take our time to go over your options and what will work best for your lifestyle. It’s important that the hearing devices you choose fit your needs, as well as your comfort and hearing loss. We ensure that you are hearing the best you can with the best available devices.

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Digital Hearing Aids

Unlike traditional analog hearing aids of the past, digital hearing aids have the capabilities and flexibility of sophisticated computer systems. They are customized for each individual’s hearing loss with the end
result creating sound that is crisp and clear regardless of the environment.

Custom in-the-ear Hearing Aids

These hearing aids require taking an impression of your ear to ensure that the shell is customized to fit exactly to your ear. The computerized parts and all components are housed inside
the shell.


This model can provide the most power with the longest battery life and can accommodate all available options by filling the entire outer ear.


The half-shell model fills half of the outer ear and accommodates most of the available options.


This type fills only one-third of the outer ear and typically relies on automatic volume adjustments.


This is the smallest model that fits entirely in the ear canal. This device requires good manual dexterity to allow for removal and frequent battery replacement.

Behind-the-Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids

These devices are situated behind the ear, routing sound through a tube and an earmold. These hearing aids are used from mild to profound hearing loss.

Open Ear Devices

Setting the new standard in hearing healthcare, these devices are designed with the most advanced technology available. A small wire connects the hearing aid
to a speaker in the ear canal, allowing for more realistic sound quality, that is extremely a comfortable and aesthetically appealing at the same time. These units fit a wide range of hearing losses and are especially ideal for those with high-frequency hearing loss experiencing problems with speech clarity.

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What is the best hearing aid?

There are 5 major manufacturers for hearing aids who also make the majority of the parts that smaller companies purchase from to make their own aids. Each company makes very high-quality hearing aids that have their own prescription to fit for particular hearing losses. I would recommend that individuals are fit for their lifestyle and physical needs (custom ear piece or rechargeable batteries). Hearing aids that stream to smart phones have the most flexibility and options available for individuals.

How much do hearing aids cost?

Appropriate hearing aids for each person are highly dependent on both severity of hearing loss, type of hearing loss, and lifestyle. Before a hearing aid recommendation can be give we do an indepth hearing test and screening. A patient will then discuss with one of our Doctors of Audiology about what their needs and lifestyle are. We can then give a range of best options based on a patients budget.

Does Insurance Cover Hearing Aids?

We work with everyone to help them with their insurance. There often many options patients are unaware of.

What Do Hearing Aids Do?

Hearing aids are amazing devices that no longer just amplify the world around us. Many hearing aids connect to our smart phones that allow the user to better change the settings based on the enviornment to provide the optimal listening settings. Many hearing aid manufactures also now connect to the TV sound allowing the user to hear right through the hearing aid rather than increasing the TV volume.

Different hearing aids provide appropriate befits based on the needs and lifestyle of the patient.

Where To Buying Hearing Aids?

Here of course! There are different types of places that sell hearing aids. We always recommend hearing aids as part of a larger comprehensive hearing healthcare plan. Hearing healthcare is best offered by licences Doctors of Audiology.

Many hearing aid vendors provide hearing aid fitting by technicians that are not able to further provide hearing healthcare.