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Hearing loss poses a big impact not only to people who are experiencing it but to their family, friends and colleagues as well. It’s a good thing that top quality hearing aid manufacturers, like Oticon, exist to provide a solution for hearing loss. Oticon hearing aids are made with the concept of changing technology, convention and lives.

Oticon hearing aids are made to make people with hearing loss get more out of life. 

Untreated hearing loss, no matter how mild, may increase a person’s risk of dementia.

It’s not rocket science anymore – hearing loss, left untreated, can have negative effects on the brain. And addressing this problem is what gives Oticon hearing aids an edge against their strong competitors.

Oticon Hearing Aids: BrainHearing™ technology

All Oticon hearing aids are powered by BrainHearing™ technology, designed to support the brain’s natural process of comprehending sound.

Through this life-changing technology, Oticon hearing aids can provide solutions for all types of hearing loss, for different lifestyles, at any age. Oticon hearing aids deliver reliable, comfortable and discreet options for people with hearing loss, regardless of their preference, lifestyle and hearing loss degree.


Oticon Zircon

Oticon Zircon is based on the brand’s BrainHearing philosophy, allowing it to balance sound coming from all angles while maintaining speech clarity so you can comfortably locate and concentrate on what you want to hear. The OpenSound Navigator helps lessen background noise and constantly rebalances your acoustic environment to give you access to all pertinent sounds and speech at an ultrafast speed. Additionally, Oticon Zircon offers a variety of connectivity options so you can enjoy a premium listening experience in various sound environments, allowing you to navigate your day with greater comfort and confidence.

To ensure that you don’t run out of power throughout the day, Oticon Zircon provides a variety of rechargeable options. You can use the Oticon Desktop Charger to recharge the hearing aid while not in use or you can use the portable SmartCharger for an on-the-go power boost

Oticon Own ITE

Oticon Own provides you with a totally individualized listening experience and is designed for discretion. It is the first in-ear hearing aid in the world with a built-in Deep Neural Network that has been based on 12 million real-life sounds. Enjoy direct streaming from selected Android devices and two-way hands-free calls with selected iPhone and iPad devices.

Oticon Own is engineered to enhance and support your brain’s natural way of processing sound thanks to our BrainHearingTM technology. This provides you with a highly-personalized listening experience that enables you to process information more efficiently, allowing you to effortlessly participate in discussions and perform the activities you enjoy. Oticon Own ITE can be customized to meet your specific hearing requirements. Available in five colors and styles to match your aesthetic preferences.

Oticon Opn S

With Oticon hearing aids, you can break free from restrictions, worries and limitations. Oticon Opn S gives users the freedom to enjoy meaningful conversations, even in difficult listening situations.

If you’re looking for a rechargeable hearing aid that doesn’t compromise its technology, the Oticon Opn S is a wonderful choice. Studies have shown that users of Oticon Opn S enjoy speech understanding at almost the same level as people with normal hearing.

Oticon hearing aids also offer easy and hassle-free wireless connectivity to most of your favorite devices. It’s almost as easy as “plug and play.”

Oticon Opn S also comes with OpenSound Optimizer technology that detects and averts annoying whistling in the hearing aids. This means that you can enjoy high quality audio without worrying about the hearing aids picking up wind or whistling sounds.

Oticon Xceed

Oticon hearing aids literally exceeded our expectations with the Xceed model. Dubbed as the world’s most powerful hearing aid, Oticon Xceed is specially designed for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss.

People with severe to profound hearing loss may find it a struggle to follow and keep up with conversations, especially in a noisy environment or if several people are talking all at once. Oticon Xceed is powered by groundbreaking technology that provides support in difficult listening situations.

Oticon hearing aids open new doors for people with severe to profound hearing loss. No more guessing or lip reading – only clear and concise communication.

What makes Oticon Xceed different from other Oticon hearing aids?

Oticon Xceed is known to be part of the power hearing aids lineup. Traditionally, power hearing aids with directionality do not give access to all speakers but solely focus on the person(s) talking in front of you.

Oticon changed the game and took directional hearing to a whole new level. Oticon Xceed gives the user access to all speech and sounds to make the process of differentiating speech from noise easier.

Oticon Xceed + OpenSound Optimizer

Just like the Opn S, Oticon Xceed is also powered by OpenSound Optimizer. This means that you don’t only get a powerful hearing aid, you also eliminate the risk of getting feedback, whistling or other static noise.

Feedback usually happens when someone or something gets too close to the hearing aid. Traditionally, hearing aids dealt with feedback and whistling by turning down the volume, which in turn, compromised your ability to comprehend speech.

Fortunately, with the OpenSound Optimizer, the hearing aid smartly handles feedback in a whole new manner – by preventing it from happening. There’s no feedback to handle or control if it’s not even picked up by the hearing device.

Oticon Xceed Connectivity

Oticon hearing aids are specially designed to provide easy, hassle-free connectivity. Gone are those days when wires and adaptors were required to enjoy using two devices at once.

Oticon hearing aids have wireless accessories that help users be connected to the world – on the go or at home. Specifically, Oticon Xceed can connect to any modern smartphone and a wide range of smart devices and accessories thanks to its 2.4 GHz Bluetooth technology.

Stream your favorite TV series, music or podcast directly to both ears. Plus, you can also enjoy hands-free calls and personalize your hearing aids through the Oticon ON app.

Oticon Ruby

Revel in the impressive performance and functionality of Oticon Ruby, specially designed to capture special moments, even while on the move. Oticon Ruby offers a line of behind-the-ear hearing aids that efficiently improves overall speech understanding to open doors for better and clearer communication.

Oticon Siya ITE

Oticon Siya features five discrete styles of in-the-ear hearing aids that seamlessly capture the natural and rich details of sounds. Experience superb sound quality, easy wireless connectivity, and effective noise reduction with the Oticon Siya.

Oticon CROS

Don’t let single-sided deafness sideline you. With the Oticon CROS, live through life confidently without missing a beat knowing that you can hear sounds from any direction.

Oticon CROS is the only hearing solution on the market that gives users 360° access to sound, thanks to its proprietary feature – OpenSound Navigator™. With the OpenSound Navigator, the device constantly scans the environment to balance sound levels and remove unwanted noise.


Oticon Opn ITE

Oticon Opn ITE hearing aids are made to fit your ear perfectly, providing an ultimately personalized hearing care. A perfect mix of elegant aesthetics, superior comfort and unparalleled sound quality, Oticon Opn ITE makes hearing literally easy on the ears.

Oticon Opn ITE is available in five styles and colors, with a wide range of functional and sound processing features to choose from.

Oticon Hearing Aids, Rochester NY

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