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Nano hearing aids are primarily marketed as affordable hearing instruments. 

In 2017, Nano Hearing Aids was founded by Robert Carlson. It was said to be inspired by his grandmother, who lost one of her hearing aids and had extra budget to replace it. 

Nano hearing aids marketed itself as an online hearing company, promoting “hearing aids without the middleman.” 

In our understanding, the “middleman” refers to an audiologist, hearing specialist or at the very least, hearing aid dispenser. Put simply, Nano Hearing Aids promotes buying hearing aids without consulting an audiologist or hearing aid dispenser.

The one thing that triggers some eyebrow raising for Nano hearing aids is that it claims that an audiogram is not needed to enjoy their hearing gadgets. This has raised a lot of eyebrows from professionals in the hearing aid industry because an audiogram is considered to be the Holy Grail when it comes to successful prescription of hearing aids.

Is Nano a good hearing aid? How long do Nano hearing aids last?

These are just some of the questions we get about Nano hearing aids and we are here to answer them. Ready? Let’s go – 

Nano Hearing Aids and Online Shopping

Nowadays, shopping is as easy as clicking “add to cart.” Instead of having to go physically to a store, you have the luxury of “browsing” and “comparing” products with just a roll of a mouse or some swiping motions of your fingers.

Who ever imagined that there would come a time when hearing aids can be PURCHASED online? Nano hearing aids are just one of the many available hearing aids that can be purchased online.

Aside from having a too-good-to-be-true affordable price tag, Nano hearing aids claim to render better value and longevity compared to leading brands in the market. As expected, consumers who want to save a few bucks are attracted to these kinds of products.

So this now leads us to the question –  

Are Nano Hearing Aids Any Good?

From a penny-pincher’s point of view, Nano hearing aids might be a great purchase.

However, from an audiologist’s point of view, we would like to differ.

As audiologists, we firmly believe in the importance of real ear measurement. With this procedure, we can assure accurate and tailor-fit hearing aids to address each patient’s unique hearing needs.

Nano hearing aids obviously cannot offer real ear measurement because they are bought online.

Nano Hearing Aids - Win/Lose Formula

If you are planning to buy Nano hearing aids, you need to know the risk you are going to take.

Nano hearing aids may address your hearing needs (and we’re not sure whether comprehensively or just the tip of the iceberg) or it may not address it at all. If the latter happens, you’ll realize that the money you spent went to waste.

Ideally, any concern that has something to do with hearing loss or hearing aids should be consulted with an audiologist or hearing healthcare professional. By doing so, you get the right hearing loss treatment without wasting money on hit-or-miss products, like Nano hearing aids.

Nano Hearing Aids from an Audiologist’s POV

We have nothing against Nano hearing aids. However, we at Ontario Hearing Centers believe in thorough hearing testing and assessment to ensure that the hearing aids you acquire, regardless of the brand or price tag, will fit you and serve you well to help you enjoy a better quality of life. 

Ontario Hearing Centers provide flexible options and bundles if you are trying to save a few bucks. We are committed to giving you the best customer service with world-class hearing solutions.

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