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We provide trusted hearing health solutions so you can enjoy life and connect with others.

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Serving Rochester with trusted care for over 60 years

So, you’ve decided to treat your hearing loss. Now what? The process can seem overwhelming. You need someone you can trust.

For over 60 years, Ontario Hearing Centers has been committed to serving our community without all the gimmicks. Our process is straightforward, leaving you feeling satisfied and confident in the treatment of your hearing loss. We go the extra mile to make sure no question is left unanswered and no concern left unmet. You can rest assured knowing you will receive the best care available.

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Your Roadmap to Better Hearing

Brighton Office

2210 Monroe Ave.
Rochester, NY 14618
Phone: (585) 442-4180

M, W, Th, F 8am – 5pm; Tuesday 8am-8pm; Saturday 9-12pm


Gates Office

785A Spencerport Road
Rochester, NY 14606
Phone: (585) 247-4810

M, T, TH, F 9am-4pm; Wed CLOSED


Your Journey to Success

You know that you have hearing loss, but you may not know the next step to take in treating it. You need a professional who can show you exactly what to do to live the life you want. Ontario Hearing Centers treats your hearing loss with a process designed just for you. You come to us for care, and we promise an experience that will leave you feeling confident and optimistic about your future.

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If you are looking for the very best hearing specialist, John J. McNamara, at Ontario Hearing Centers, transcends what you can expect from a Doctor of Audiology. I'm proud and honored to be able to recommend this honest, caring, outstanding audiologist. I've been wearing hearing aids since I was 6 years old. It took a lifetime to find him.

Morley G.

I have already recommended Ontario Hearing Centers to one of my relatives. I truly underestimated how much I wasn't hearing. I was surprised with how much noise birds make, and the complexity of the tones at a RPD concert! You address the emotional side of getting hearing aids as well as the physical side.

Adria F.

I'm extremely pleased with the professionalism of Ontario Hearing Centers. Dr. Andrea M. Segmond treats me as a human being showing genuine concern for my well-being. Her extraordinary service goes well beyond the actual purchase of my hearing aids. I've already recommended Ontario Hearing Centers to all of my friends and acquaintances. Andrea, thank you for making me feel comfortable, relaxed, and most of all cared about!

Dave G

Late last year, I became the victim of a harsh reality: I was suffering from a significant hearing loss. I suspect a reality others do not want to accept either. Fortunately, became acquainted with Dr. Andrea Segmond, Ontario Hearing Centers. Through impressive testing techniques, she helped me to graphically see the extent of my hearing loss. I am fairly positive my situation was not exactly “new news” to her. However, Andrea did not treat me like just another example of someone needing to “own” their hearing loss, and “deal” with it. My incessant questions and concerns were met with her very professional, yet warm and personal responsiveness.

Dan Scurlock

On behalf of our little “committee” and our Quaker Meeting as a whole, I extend our appreciative Thanks for your help in improving our audio environment and it’s positive affect for many of us with hearing issues. We are grateful for your kindness and the courtesy of your assistance

Carmel Merrill

Giving Back

Not everyone is lucky enough to have accessible and affordable hearing healthcare. We’ve come to recognize that our desire to treat hearing loss, whether it be in-office or at a patient’s home, is needed in countries across the world. We’ve joined Entheos Hearing Cooperative to help carry out our mission of providing high-quality hearing healthcare to those who don’t otherwise have access. Together, we help communities rise up to their full potential.

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Hearing loss will leave you feeling frustrated and isolated if you leave it untreated. At Ontario Hearing Centers, we can break down your hearing loss into a treatable condition with a process and treatment plan designed just for you. Imagine the life you could live if your hearing loss was no longer an obstacle. The cost is too great to ignore your hearing loss.

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