Ontario Hearing Centers is a proud member of the Cochlear Provider Network.  If hearing aids don't provide enough help for your hearing loss, we offer cochlear options so you can hear your very best.

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Hearing Aids

Hearing aid technology is a continually growing aspect of hearing healthcare, providing people everywhere with high-quality, personalized hearing devices to meet their needs. At Ontario Hearing Centers in Rochester, NY, we recognize that the options can be overwhelming, so we take our time to go over your options and what will work best for your lifestyle. It’s important that the hearing devices... Hearing Aids Information

Hearing Test

Having a diagnostic hearing evaluation is the first step in determining the type, degree, configuration, and symmetry of your hearing loss. Your evaluation includes a variety of measurements to rule out any medically treatable causes of hearing loss. One of our licensed audiologists will perform the diagnostic hearing tests, review the results with the patient and make recommendations. If medical intervention is... Hearing Test Information

Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax or the medical term cerumen is the waxy substance in our ear canals. The ear wax can come in different consistencies which is affected by your heritage, genetic make up, health conditions, medications and if you stimulate production. Most of the time the cerumen or ear wax keeps our ear canals healthy by... Ear Wax Information


Tinnitus can be experienced in either a single ear of both ears. Most often, the person experiencing tinnitus is the only person who can hear the noise. But there are unique circumstances in which others might be able to listen to it too. People over the age of 50 are most likely to experience tinnitus, but it’s also common for children and teens to experience it at times, too.  The most important thing to know about tinnitus... Tinnitus Information


Whether you need a basic hearing test or you’re worried that you may have a serious hearing problem, an audiologist is your go-to hearing care specialist for any hearing-related problem. To gain their title, they have to be highly educated, highly-qualified, and able to provide a wide range of hearing-related services to patients.  Audiology is the branch of medical science which deals with hearing, hearing disorders, and... Audiologist Information

Patient reviews from rochester, NY

"I can't believe how much better I can hear now..."

Well, I just turned 60 and decided to have my hearing tested. The good news is I needed hearing aids. I say good news because I can't believe how much better I can hear now. Dr. John McNamara was so knowledgeable and helped me select the proper hearing aids for my hearing loss. No more saying "What?", and I can finally hear the TV at a normal volume. Fantastic service and support from a well run office.



Andrea is wonderful! I have been a client on Ontario Hearing for about 15 years. The staff are friendly and efficient. I have purchased 3 or 4 pairs of hearing aids here. Each time, Andrea makes sure my devices are working properly and fit well.  I will continue to recommend Ontario Hearing.


"Our experience has been incredible."

My entire family (3 generations) have been going to Ontario Hearing Instruments for almost 20 years. Every aspect of our experience has been incredible. The staff is amazing. Dr. Segmund is almost like a family member to us. She truly understands our challenges and is ALWAYS looking for the best possible solutions for our hearing loss. I can't even count the number of times she has said something to the effect of: "I was at this conference and saw this and thought specifically of you and your dad - I think this would really help". My hearing loss has been in the "profound" range for years. I do not know how I could have managed this more effectively than I have with the help of Ontario Hearing. I have recommended their services many times for many people and will continue to do so. Definitely worth looking into. They truly provide amazing service to all their patients.