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Dr. Carly Wilmes

Dr.Carly Willmes, Audiologist

Carly Willmes, Au.D is an audiologist in Rochester, NY providing extensive hearing tests, hearing aids, and other audiology services.

I began at Ontario Hearing Centers as a graduate student clinician in 2020, and recently joined the team as a licensed audiologist in June 2023. I graduated with my Doctorate in Audiology from the University at Buffalo in May 2022. After completing my clinical residency in New York City and living there for two years, I am very excited to be back in Rochester where I grew up. 

I entered this field because I enjoy helping people feel connected with the world and others, as hearing is so important. I also find the technology involved in the field fascinating and am excited to continue learning about it as it becomes more and more advanced. I am thrilled for the opportunity to be back at Ontario Hearing Centers and I am looking forward to working with you.

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