Hearing Aids for Tinnitus


Tinnitus is a ringing in the ears that can be caused by many different things. It’s not just an annoyance, it can lead to serious health problems like depression and anxiety.

Tinnitus is a common symptom of underlying medical conditions, and for many people it can clear up if the condition that caused it in the first place is dealt with. The American Tinnitus Association notes, “While tinnitus is most often triggered by hearing loss, there are roughly 200 different health disorders that can generate tinnitus as a symptom.”

Hearing aids for tinnitus allow people with hearing loss to hear sounds they might be missing, which can effectively cover and remove the focus from the tinnitus ringing.

If you’re looking for relief from your symptoms of tinnitus, we have a solution that will help you get back on track with your life. Contact us today to find out more about our hearing aids or schedule an appointment at one of our clinics in Brighton and Gates, NY.


Can hearing aids treat tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition that affects the way you hear. The sound of your own heartbeat is reassuring. It’s a reminder that you’re alive and life is good. But for people with chronic tinnitus, the on-going sounds become frustrating and may lead to other health consequences. Tinnitus has been linked to increased levels of stress, anxiety, depression, memory problems, the ability to concentrate, and fatigue. Approximately 20 million Americans experience chronic tinnitus with 2 million experiencing debilitating cases.

It can be caused by many things, including exposure to loud noise or an ear infection. But for most people, tinnitus is just a symptom of another underlying health problem.With hearing aids for tinnitus masking, you can take control of your tinnitus and reduce its impact on your life. 

Tinnitus is a sound that can’t be heard by anyone but the sufferer. It causes discomfort and distress for those who are suffering from it, which can lead to hearing loss if left untreated. But there’s hope! Hearing aids for tinnitus masking offer relief from symptoms, like ringing and buzzing in the ears, by cancelling out external sounds so you’re more able to focus on your surroundings.


What hearing aids are best for tinnitus?

Signia Primax Masking is a popular solution for tinnitus. Primax reduces listening effort with SpeechMaster and has excellent reverberation reduction and sound protection thanks to EchoShield. Signia Primax for tinnitus is a series of hearing aids that provides relief from the symptoms of tinnitus. This solution addresses some or all of your ringing, buzzing, hissing and clicking sounds.

Oticon’s Nera 2 Pro Ti, Alta 2 Pro Ti, and Ria 2 Pro Ti hearing aids offer Tinnitus SoundSupport. Oticon`s Tinnitus SoundSupport is designed to provide flexible relief sounds for individuals with tinnitus. Oticon hearing aid wearers who suffer from tinnitus have the option of choosing a variety of broadband relief sounds, white, pink and red static noise or ocean themed relief sound such as waves crashing on shore.

Phonak hearing aids for tinnitus can be difficult to live with, but it doesn’t have to be. Phonak Tinnitus Balance offers three elements: the help of a physician-prescribed listening device, a broadband noise generator, and sound therapy available through an app for your iPhone or Android phone*. The Tinnitus Balance is built on a foundation of powerful and accurate audio processing that helps people hear what they want to hear while reducing the distraction of everyday sounds.

Starkey Hearing Technologies Multiflex Tinnitus Technology is a treatment option for sound masking that masks the ringing, buzzing or hissing in your ear. It is a hearing therapy system that can be worn 24 hours and offers relief all day long so you are not plagued by the high-pitched sounds of tinnitus. With three programs to choose from (Daytime program, Sleep Sound Program, and Custom Sounds) and with different levels of noise reduction and pitch change, Multiflex Tinnitus Technology gives wearers more personalization when choosing their own listening experience. 

Widex hearing aids Zen Tinnitus Therapy was created to help people live the life they want. The Zen System of Widex hearing aids includes a personal hearing care professional that tailors an individual plan for each customer based on their lifestyle. The online portal provides information about how tinnitus works, as well as things that wearers can do for themselves (such as yoga) in order to relieve symptoms of this condition.


Hearing aids for tinnitus, Rochester NY

Tinnitus is a constant ringing in the ear caused by various factors from aging to stress. Ontario Hearing Center has been helping people find relief for their tinnitus symptoms for more than three decades. Thanks to technology,  there is already an upgraded selection of hearing aids available now than before. Each set of hearing aids are crafted specifically for the patient’s needs and budget, and our staff will be happy to help you choose the correct one that suits your lifestyle.

Hearing aids have really come a long way from just merely providing amplification. If you’re in Rochester, New York looking for the best hearing aids for tinnitus, visit us at Ontario Hearing Center. 

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