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Custom Rechargeable Hearing Aids

It is estimated that more than 360 million people around the world suffer from some type of hearing loss. Starkey Hearing Technologies has been in business for over 40 years and continues to be a leader in the industry by offering top-of-the-line products like their flagship line of Starkey hearing aids.

Their flagship product line includes both behind the ear (BTE) and completely in the canal (CIC) styles as well as several other types including open fit, custom molded devices, and wireless options. Starkey hearing aids offer a wide range of features such as Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone or tablet device so you can stream music directly into your ears without having to wear headphones or bulky equipment while also being able to answer phone calls hands free.

You can even use them with an app on your smartphone or tablet device called “Starkey Live” which allows you to adjust settings on your own time instead of waiting for an appointment at one of their locations across the country. Starkey hearing aids also come with a 30 day risk free trial period where if you don’t love them simply return them within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked. 

Starkey Hearing Aids Technology

Hearing aids are created to deal with hearing loss and other related hearing problems. But, not all hearing aid technology is the same. Starkey hearing aids are one of the preferred brands in the industry.

Starkey has been in this industry for a long time and it offers high-quality products that will surely meet your needs. You can visit their website or consult an audiologist near you if you want to know more about its products.

If you are in Rochester, NY, Ontario Hearing Centers are authorized providers of Starkey hearing aids. Feel free to visit us at our Gates or Brighton clinic.

Starkey Evolv AI

Effortless hearing has arrived with Starkey Evolv AI. Experience the best-ever Starkey signature sound with the brand’s most advanced hearing technology available.

With up to 55 million personal adjustments per hour, Starkey Evolv AI is accurately designed to deliver realistic and genuine sound quality automatically in every listening environment. Compared to previous technology, Evolv AI offers an additional 40% reduction in noise energy which results in significantly reduced listening effort. 

Starkey Evolv AI features a full line of hearing aids to automatically connect to your lifestyle. Enjoy your favorite movie, TV shows, podcasts, and stream phone calls easily, whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android phone.

Starkey Livio Edge AI

Discover the benefits of your next hearing aid with artificial intelligence. The Starkey Livio Edge AI has cutting edge sound quality and performance even when used under difficult listening scenarios. With the world’s first rechargeable custom hearing aid, no more dropped connections or waiting for new batteries.

When you wear the Starkey Livio Edge AI hearing aid, it’s designed to feel like a normal hearing device except for the fact that it goes after noise in different ways. It will work even if there is background noise so long as there is some sound on the side where you need them. Leading with artificial intelligence (AI), this cutting-edge device features sensory technology and advanced sensor management coupled with state of the art audio encoding algorithms for superior sound quality no matter what environment they are used in.

Starkey Livio

With the Starkey Livio hearing aids, hearing conversations clearly in all environments is as easy as breathing – even when people are wearing face masks. Plus, enjoy reliable streaming performance with Livio hearing aids.

Livio is available in a full range of devices that are powered by Bluetooth technology. Connect to Apple and Android devices wirelessly and use the Thrive Hearing Control app to easily take control of your hearing aid settings and manage an array of features.

Starkey Livio is convenient and reliable, offering the industry’s smartest rechargeable solution for on-the-go lifestyles. Get up to 24 hours of hearing on one full charge. 

Starkey Picasso

The Starkey Picasso consists of Bluetooth and wireless connectivity features that enable style, convenience, and customization. The user is able to stream audio from their smart devices to the hearing aids wirelessly. This allows users the ability to choose desired sound levels and customizations if they experience any trouble with any one-sidedness issues or background noise level in the environment surrounding them. These types of details make everything easier for not only adults but also for children who are transitioning into using hearing aids themselves.

Starkey Picasso is an award-winning hearing aid designed with the highest standards of connectivity. As a communicator, it provides many features for customers to stay in contact with relatives and friends. The device’s well-developed app enhances its functionality and automation capabilities even more. Being wireless enables this amazing product to be operated at ease from one or multiple devices that are mobile or Internet-enabled – meaning marketers who want to display this product on their website can take advantage of high-quality images without having to worry about compatibility issues.

Starkey Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Starkey offers the world’s first wireless custom rechargeable hearing devices,

Starkey standard charger

The standard charger offers up to 24 hours of usage on a single charge.

Starkey premium charger

The premium charger for Starkey hearing aids allows on-the-go charging without needing to plug into a wall socket. This rechargeable technology is available in the following Starkey hearing aid rechargeable models:

Starkey Mini Turbo Charger

The Starkey mini turbo charger provides a pocket-size lithium-ion charging option ideal for on-the-go charging convenience. Your Starkey hearing device will be full-charged in just three hours.

Compatible Starkey rechargeable hearing aids:

Starkey Hearing Aids - Rochester, NY

Our goal is simple—we want to make it easy for people with all types of hearing loss to hear better every day. Take a step towards better hearing with Starkey hearing aids.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment at Ontario Hearing Centers. We have branches in Brighton and Gates. We look forward to seeing you!