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Is it good to get your ears professionally cleaned?

Earwax is a physiological substance created to lubricate and protect the ears. It has antibacterial properties that might help to prevent the growth of germs inside the ear canal. 

However, too much production of earwax might cause hearing problems and damage your hearing. If you believe you may be experiencing hearing problems caused by earwax, the first thing that may come to mind is professional ear cleaning. We suggest consulting with an audiologist may do an evaluation before completing expert ear cleaning and wax removal.

Professional ear cleaning is a skill that audiologists have received training in. Audiologists are knowledgeable in every aspect of maintaining and restoring hearing health.

Is earwax removal necessary?

Earwax is commonly regarded as dirty. Because of this, most individuals think that routine ear cleaning is needed.

In reality, earwax has been found to have antifungal and antibacterial properties. In the right amount, it serves as protection for the ears from foreign objects, hair, and microscopic insects.

Of course, too much earwax is a whole other story. Ear obstruction brought on by an accumulation of earwax increases the risk of infection or short-term hearing loss. Those whose ears produce more earwax than usual should get professional ear cleaning to avoid encountering problems with hearing.

The truth about earwax

Everybody produces earwax differently. Genes, prior ear damage, recurrent ear infections, and constant use of earphones or hearing aids are a few variables that influence earwax production.

Using cotton buds to clean the ears is one of the many reasons most people need professional ear cleaning. You run the danger of blocking the ear canal if you stick that bud all the way in your ear.

Causes of earwax buildup

The following elements may have an impact on one’s earwax production and cause a buildup:

  • The shape of the ear canal: You could need professional ear cleaning if your ear canal is tiny, curved, slopes downhill, or has been surgically altered.
  • Skin conditions: A number of skin conditions, such as dermatitis, may make handling wax more challenging. Ear wax production may also be prompted by excessive ear hair.
  • Wearing earbuds or hearing aids: The ears may see hearing aids as a foreign body, which may interfere with the ears’ natural ability to keep themselves clean.
  • Age and health: Elderly people and those with developmental difficulties are more likely to accumulate earwax.

How is professional ear cleaning done?

Your ears may be cleaned by audiologists using a variety of techniques. The condition or integrity of your ear, the seriousness of the obstruction or impaction, and your personal preferences will all influence the cleaning technique. Using an otoscope, an audiologist will inspect your ear before conducting expert ear cleaning.

Irrigation, suction, or manual removal with a curette are the three most popular ways to clean ears.

Is professional ear cleaning painful?

Generally, professional ear cleaning is painless. However, certain adverse effects might appear following your ear cleaning (although these are noted to be very rare). Some patients may report a feeling of slight dizziness or discomfort following their cleaning session. In some instances, some have experienced a short bout of tinnitus (ear ringing). The good news is, that these side effects usually go away after a while.

Professional Ear Cleaning in Rochester, NY

Professional ear cleaning is one of the many hearing healthcare services provided by Ontario Hearing Center. Don’t endanger your hearing by using improper DIY ear-cleaning techniques. 

Our team of audiologists is skilled in providing professional ear cleaning and earwax removal in Rochester, NY. We use safe and efficient ear-cleaning methods with modern tools and equipment.

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