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Improve your hearing

How can you improve your hearing?

A crucial component of human communication is hearing. Our ability to hear allows us to perceive the environment around us through sound. Similar to blinking or breathing, this specific sense of communication collects, analyzes, and interprets noises without conscious effort. As a result, we frequently take it for granted. Recovery from hearing loss or impairment could be challenging. 

Our patients frequently ask us, as audiologists, for advice on how they can improve hearing. We’ll provide you with some quick recommendations in this blog article on how to improve and safeguard your hearing.

Keep the volume down

Keeping the volume as low as possible is a simple yet foolproof way to improve and protect your hearing. You can move away from the source of the noise if the noise level is 85 dB or higher in the area. Make sure to wear hearing protection if your work or hobby exposes you to dangerously loud decibels.

Long-term exposure to loud noise can overwork ear hair cells, which can lead to damage. Hearing loss is progressive; as long as the stimulus is present, the damage will continue to occur. The thing is, even after the exposure to noise has ended, negative consequences could still exist. In most cases, damage to the auditory nerve system or inner ear is irreversible.

Stay away from earwax impaction

Even though earwax is a normal biological secretion, having too much in your ears might impair your ability to hear. If ear wax is obstructing your ears, you might not be as receptive to noises as you should be. It would be preferable to consult an audiologist if you think that earwax is the cause of your hearing issues. Never attempt to manually remove affected earwax as this might result in more issues. Audiologists are skilled at removing earwax, which may instantly enhance the health of your ears.

Steer clear from cotton swabs and ear candles

It is not advisable to clean your ears using cotton swabs or ear candles, despite the fact that many individuals like doing so. If you exert too much pressure, you might harm the delicate eardrum or the ear canal. Professional ear irrigation and wax removal can be safely carried out by an audiologist.

Invest in quality hearing protection

Loud noise is the most prevalent and readily avoidable cause of hearing loss. To prevent hearing damage, maintain the listening volume to 60% or less. If your job or favorite pastime exposes you to loud noises, talk with your audiologist about the proper occupational hearing protection. Custom ear protection may be made by an audiologist to fit your requirements and way of living.

Stay fit and active

Exercise helps improve the condition of your heart and hearing. It is well known that exercise can improve blood flow to the ears. Walking or jogging often may significantly increase blood flow, which can enhance your hearing.

Improve Your Hearing With Audiologists in Rochester, NY

To know more information on how to improve your hearing, talk to an audiologist. Ontario Hearing Centers offers hearing and audiology services in Rochester, NY, and nearby locations.