3 Signs You Might Need a Wireless Hearing Aid

Hearing loss can be caused by a variety of factors including genetics, certain medications, noise exposure, trauma and aging just to name a few. At Ontario Hearing Centers in Rochester, New York, their audiologists and professionals have helped thousands of patients better understand their hearing loss by administering hearing evaluations, counseling patients, family and friends, and fitting hearing aid devices when appropriate.

If you’re having trouble hearing, here are three signs you may need wireless hearing aids.

Trouble Hearing Telephone Calls: If you have difficulty understanding the person on the other end of a telephone call, your hearing may be the reason. Check to see if you have turned your call volume up to full blast. If this is the only way you can properly hear a person on the other end, you should schedule an appointment for a hearing test.

Misunderstanding Conversations: Do you tend to misunderstand conversations? Do you feel as though everyone you converse with speaks too softly and doesn’t enunciate enough? If this is the case the reason may be your own hearing versus the volume and the articulation of your friends and family. A full hearing evaluation is the best way to find out for sure.

Family Complaints: Take a look at the volume setting on your stereo, radio, and television. Is it constantly cranked up to the maximum in order for you to follow along? Do your loved ones complain that your music or the TV is too loud? You may be a prime candidate for wireless hearing aids so that you can enjoy your programs at a more tolerable level.