Meet Your Audiology Team

Serving Rochester, NY since 1956. Our audiology team is dedicated to providing quality hearing services. We are rooted in traditional values, that's providing the world's most advanced hearing technologies and hearing solutions.

Dr Elizabeth Orlando


Dr John Mcnamara


Dr Andrea segmond


What We Do

We are committed to giving you best hearing care available while keeping the process clear. Our services are designed to help make hearing loss easy and manageable for you. We do the necessary work to provide you with great hearing and a better quality of life.

We Listen

We follow the best practices to ensure you get top-notch, high-quality hearing. You can trust that we will never take shortcuts when it comes to your care.

Individual Care

The best kind of audiology care involves a highly-personalized treatment plan. Ontario Hearing Centers provides world-class, highly-customized hearing solutions to fit your unique needs.

Above & Beyond

We examine every option available to make sure that our care meets your personal needs. We even provide at-home visits for those who can’t make it to our office.

An example of positive change my hearing aids have made: two (2) weeks after obtaining the hearing aids, my wife and I went out to dinner with individuals whom we go out several times a year. We have known the people for ten (10) years. Later was informed one of the individuals stated something was significantly different! The last several times we had been out it was observed I was becoming more and more stressed, even though I had recently retired. Yet on this occasion, I seemed to be much more relaxed. Utilizing one of the settings on my hearing aids, I could easily handle our conversation even though we were in a very noisy restaurant environment. Now, am actually looking forward to upcoming classroom presentations!

Dan Scurlock