Tips to avoid costly hearing aid repair

If you use a hearing aid, you know that regular maintenance and routine service is necessary to keep it functioning at its best. To help you hear as clear as possible and avoid more costly hearing aid repair work, the experts at Ontario Hearing Centers in Rochester, NY, say there are some simple steps you can follow to maintain proper function and troubleshoot basic problems.

First, it’s important to identify when your hearing aid is not working properly. If you notice that your hearing aid is not loud enough, its performance is inconsistent, or the sound is unclear or distorted, there may be an issue that needs to be resolved.

Before heading to your local hearing aid center, follow these simple steps to care for and troubleshoot your hearing aid problems:

Storage & Handling: Always handle your hearing aid with care, being sure to store it in a dry, safe spot when not in use. Never wear your hearing aid in the shower, while swimming, or when using a hairdryer, hair spray, or another aerosol product.
Battery Care: Change your hearing aid batteries often so that they don’t run out of power when you’re wearing them. Open the battery door at night before retiring for the evening. This will prolong its battery life and help dry any moisture trapped in the battery compartment.

Proper Cleaning: Always clean earwax from your hearing aid and change out the filters regularly. A buildup of earwax could cause it to malfunction and may even result in permanent damage that a professional hearing aid repair may not fix. In addition, clean out your battery contacts regularly with a clean cotton swab. Dirty battery contacts can cause your hearing aid to malfunction.
If following the steps above does not troubleshoot your hearing aid problem, consult your hearing aid specialist to see if a hearing aid repair is necessary. If you’re in the Rochester area, visit Ontario Hearing Centers; their audiologists and hearing aid specialists will work hard to find a solution to your problem.

To have an evaluation of your hearing aids performed by the specialists at Ontario Hearing Centers, visit their Rochester, NY, hearing aid center or give them a call at (585) 442-4180 or (585) 247-4810 to schedule an appointment. Be sure to also check out their website for a complete list of their services.

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