SIGNIA Hearing Aids

The common notion about hearing loss is that it can cause a strain in relationships, hamper social life and make one feel isolated and distant. Signia hearing aids aim to shatter the limits that hearing loss imposes by providing a way for those who have lost some of their hearing to hear naturally again.

With Signia hearing aids, you can enjoy life to the fullest without worrying about your hearing. The high-quality craftsmanship and excellent functionality of Signia hearing aids will make listening effortless and enjoyable once again.

Signia hearing aids are made to be smart enough to adjust automatically for the environment, which allows the user to focus more on being present rather than worrying about adjusting manually for every shift in listening scenarios.

The Signia Hearing Aid Difference

Signia hearing aids are the best example of how today's hearing aids are capable of more than mere amplification.  Signia hearing aids work by comparing the acoustic environments of each individual and how they go through them.

Signia hearing aids have advanced technologies that make them far superior to older models in many ways: directional microphones, sound focusing, noise reduction technology, and a variety of other features.  Signia is marketed as "The World's Most Advanced Hearing Aid."

Are Signia hearing aids worth it?

Signia hearing aids are a provider of high-quality hearing solutions. Signia has been in the business for many decades and is one of the most trusted providers of hearing aid technology. They have an impressive portfolio that can address any type of hearing loss, from mild to severe.

These revolutionary new hearing aids from Signia are the world’s first internet-enabled digital devices, making it simpler than ever for users to maintain their quality of life. Signia hearing aids offer a groundbreaking system that offers streaming content from countless sources, such as music services like Spotify and Pandora; books on platforms like Audible or Kindle; podcasts from popular sources like NPR and The New Yorker; TV programs with network apps like ABC Carpet or CBS All Access. There is something for everyone!

Ontario Hearing Centers- Rochester, NY: Authorized Distributor of Signia Hearing Aids

If you are in the Rochester, NY area and searching for a private practice that is an authorized distributor of Signia hearing aids, please contact us at Ontario Hearing Center. We offer a wide variety of in-demand Signia hearing aids such as:

Signia Hearing Aids: Styletto X

When you wear the Styletto X, people won't notice that it's a hearing aid. It blends in seamlessly with your life. It has an ultra-slim, lightweight design which makes for an exquisite look.  It is compatible with Signia`s Bluetooth wireless accessories, such as SoundClips. This device is also 25% easier on battery life compared to other Signia hearing aids.

From the design's elegance to the perfect sound, Signia is a groundbreaking hearing aid with a visionary approach. Ther Styletto X audiological technology takes everything we learned from years of designing and performing research to bring you a revolutionary experience in natural sound amplification.

Hear clearly but also look the best - the Signia Styletto X is available in stylish, mirrored frames at a fraction of the cost of other brands. These small-sized hearing aids are made with fashionable accents like art-deco and pave crystals. Exclusive Signia technology makes it possible to hear well without false amplification while still looking your best. These products are sleek and sophisticated, making this an attractive option that has long battery life for uninterrupted hearing.

Signia Hearing Aids: Silk X

The Signia Xperience hearing aid is the newest in the advanced generation of digital technology. It`s a powerful, intelligent hearing solution with premium features and unseen-before capabilities. Designed for unique listening situations, it improves sound perception by adjusting volume and equalizing to match your individual needs. The Signia Xperience provides exceptional sound quality, maximum control and personalization options that will amaze you day after day.

Signia hearing aids are a great way for you to break free of the limitations imposed by traditional hearing aids. These top-of-the-line devices offer all the benefits - including sound quality, style and positioning versatility - but without any of the restrictions. The Xperience Series provides discreet options that can be used in any listening environment or worn like normal earbuds in your pocket when you're not using them. Enjoy life with Signia's solutions!

What makes Signia Xperience special?  Signia hearing aids are designed to be as mobile as you are. You won’t find a delay or snag in their work, because they know that you don't have time for anything else.  Signia hearing aids are designed to do more than just make up for a wearer's hearing impairment. With the Xperience model, you can enjoy all of the nuances and sounds around you no matter where you're situated in relation to them.

Signia Hearing Aids: Styletto Connect

Think of the Styletto Connect as an analog hearing aid that went through a major makeover - from its sound, style, features, battery life, etc. The Styletto Connect lets users (both teens and veterans), enjoy a stylish and lightweight hearing aid with high quality audio streaming and smartphone connectivity. It has 8 different digital settings to suit various lifestyles: dinner conversation with friends; watching TV in the living room or riding on the New York City subway car - Signia hearing aids got your back.

Signia Hearing Aids in Rochester, NY

If you’re in the Rochester, NY area and would like to check out Signia hearing aids for you or a family member, schedule an appointment with Ontario Hearing Centers in Brighton or Gates. We have an expert staff of audiologists who will answer any questions you might have about Signia hearing aids.

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