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The common notion about hearing loss is that it can cause a strain in relationships, hamper social life and make one feel isolated and distant. Signia hearing aids aim to break the limits that hearing loss imposes by opening doors for those who have lost some of their hearing to hear naturally again.

With Signia hearing aids, you can enjoy life to the fullest without worrying about your hearing. The high-quality craftsmanship and excellent functionality of Signia hearing aids will make listening effortless and enjoyable once again.

Signia hearing aids can automatically adjust to unique listening environments, allowing you to focus more on being present rather than worrying about adjusting manually for every shift in listening scenarios.

The Signia Hearing Aid Difference

Signia hearing aids are the best example of how today’s hearing aids are capable of more than mere amplification.

Signia hearing aids have advanced technologies that make them far superior to older models in many ways: directional microphones, sound focusing, noise reduction technology, and a variety of other features.  

Signia Pure Charge&Go AX

The new and updated Pure Charge&Go AX is Signia’s smallest rechargeable receiver-in-canal model. This is ideal for both first-time and experienced hearing aid users who want to have sleek, fully-featured devices.


The Pure Charge&Go AX is the first hearing aid on Signia AX platform that combines a powerhouse of features with an attractive design. Enjoy rechargeability, the newest Bluetooth features, and Earwear 3.0 that gives you access to 24/7 support through the Signia app.

Signia Active Pro

Signia Active Pro is a game-changer with its prescription audio that optimizes human performance to match active lifestyles.


Signia continues to bridge the gap between hearing aids and consumer electronics, with Signia Active Pro on the forefront. Active Pro is ready-to-wear and combines Signia’s iconic user-friendly design patterned from premium consumer earbuds with high-level audiological technology.


Enjoy enhanced speech understanding with Signia Xperience YourSound technology. Active Pro also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, portable Li-ion rechargeability, and self-service convenience with the Signia Assistant.

Signia Motion X

Motion X is built on the signature Signia Xperience platform with the world’s first acoustic-motion sensors that can adapt to every move.

Available with Li-ion charging for complete flexibility and Bluetooth connectivity for music, phone calls, and more. Say goodbye to battery changes in the middle of the day. Motion X is rechargeable and can deliver an impressive usage time of up to 61 hours on a single charge.

Signia Styletto X

When you wear the Styletto X, people won’t notice that it’s a hearing aid. It blends in seamlessly with your life. It has an ultra-slim, lightweight design which makes for an exquisite look.

It is compatible with Signia`s Bluetooth wireless accessories, such as SoundClips. This device is also 25% easier on battery life compared to other Signia hearing aids.

From the design’s elegance to the perfect sound, Signia is a groundbreaking hearing aid with a visionary approach. Ther Styletto X audiological technology takes everything we learned from years of designing and performing research to bring you a revolutionary experience in natural sound amplification.

Hear clearly but also look the best – the Signia Styletto X is available in stylish, mirrored frames at a fraction of the cost of other brands. These small-sized hearing aids are made with fashionable accents like art-deco and pave crystals. Exclusive Signia technology makes it possible to hear well without false amplification while still looking your best. These products are sleek and sophisticated, making this an attractive option that has long battery life for uninterrupted hearing.

Signia Silk X

The Signia Silk X is a slim hearing device for everyday discreet listening. The Signia Silk X is so small yet it delivers clear sound and optimum speech comprehension with its powerful, discrete amplification technology. 

Silk X amplifies what matters most to you in your life, while also allowing privacy with up to 150dB of noise suppression; making others less audible so that you can focus on yourself. Privacy is more than just being unheard by others; it’s respecting your own needs without sacrificing safety or utility.

If you want the best – we’re talking custom-tested, highly adaptive silicone sleeves that adjust to your ears for maximum comfort and security, Signia hearing aids have it. Signia Silk-X is designed for those who need exceptional features but know they don’t fit in a one size fits all approach. Customized sound processing with advanced technology and precision filters ensure every patient has a customized solution not found elsewhere. That means no more guessing or compromise – just the best hearing solution available for our patients.

Signia Silk Nx

The Silk™ Nx delivers a natural hearing experience in its discreet size while delivering instant fit, amazing comfort, and exceptional sound quality. Signia Silk Nx is a ready-to-wear CIC with Ultra HD e2e for superior wireless binaural processing. Enjoy a precise fit with shorter to zero waiting time thanks to its flexible silicone Click Sleeves.

Signia Pure Charge&Go X

Signia Pure Charge&Go X integrates the advantages of Signia Xperience with Li-ion rechargeability and full-featured Bluetooth connectivity. Enjoy 20% more battery capacity that provides full flexibility and convenience for higher user satisfaction.


You can use Pure Charge&Go X with the Induction Charger II that comes with a charger lid to safekeep the hearing aids. Its sleek and smart design can also accommodate custom molds. Inductive Charger II has a drying function, a fast charging option, and intuitive left and right LEDs for status information.

Signia Pure 312 X

Enjoy all the benefits of the Signia Xperience platform with the elegantly slim Pure 312 X. Even with its small size, Pure 312 X offers fully-featured Bluetooth connectivity for optimum enjoyment of calls, music, and TV. It’s also available with an integrated T-Coil.

Signia Hearing Aids and Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a condition that affects over 50 million Americans. It’s not just an annoyance, it can be debilitating and even affect your quality of life.

Signia hearing aids offer ocean wave therapy and static noise signals that are specifically designed to help people with tinnitus manage their symptoms more effectively than other solutions on the market today. 

Signia Notch Therapy is the   latest advance in the battle against tinnitus. It features a customizable or manual mode (depending on hearing loss) which helps the patient to attenuate noises- on synced with their nervous system’s natural rhythms helping them regain control over their body and life.

Are Signia hearing aids worth it?

Signia hearing aids are a provider of high-quality hearing solutions. Signia has been in the business for many decades and is one of the most trusted providers of hearing aid technology. They have an impressive portfolio that can address any type of hearing loss, from mild to severe.

These revolutionary new hearing aids from Signia are the world’s first internet-enabled digital devices, making it simpler than ever for users to maintain their quality of life. Signia hearing aids offer a groundbreaking system that offers streaming content from countless sources, such as music services like Spotify and Pandora; books on platforms like Audible or Kindle; podcasts from popular sources like NPR and The New Yorker; TV programs with network apps like ABC Carpet or CBS All Access. There is something for everyone!

Signia Hearing Aids - Rochester, NY

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