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Ear Candles

Ear candles are a popular alternative to medications or surgery for ear pain, but they just aren’t worth the risk.

The ear candle is lit and inserted into your ear canal. It’s believed that the heat from the flame softens wax in your ears, which then falls out as you blow out the candle. But there’s no evidence that this actually works, and it can be dangerous if anything goes wrong with inserting or removing them.

You don’t have to take any risks when it comes to your hearing health! There are plenty of other ways to relieve pain without putting yourself at risk of damaging your ears. If you do need medication for relief, talk with an audiologist about what options might work best for you before trying something like an ear candle.

Don’t put yourself at risk by trying an unsafe product like an ear candle. Consult an audiologist about safe alternatives for relieving pain or discomfort.

Do ear candles really work?

Many people believe that ear candling, a process in which a lit candle is inserted into the ear canal for 10-15 minutes to “clean” it, can help them. However, this isn’t supported by science–in fact, there have been many cases of burns and other injuries in addition to no reported medical benefits.

The use of candles inside one’s ears has become increasingly popular over recent years despite warnings from the FDA about health risks associated with this practice. They argue that there is no scientifically-proven evidence that these make you any healthier or remove wax or debris from your ears more effectively than basic cleaning methods (e.g., cotton swabs). 

Ear candles have been disproven as a natural remedy for earwax buildup. This marketing tactic will only make you feel like something is being done to fix the problem. There’s no such thing as a “natural” way to clean inside your ears because there isn’t any way of scooping up all that wax from deep within your ear canal with an in-ear candle.

If you’re struggling with excessive wax buildup in your ears, see an audiologist who will provide a tailor-made treatment plan for your specific needs, not just one size fits all like these products promise.

Do ear candles help clogged ears?

Ear candling is an ancient, pseudo-scientific technique for removing earwax. The process involves sticking a hollow candle in your ear and lighting it. At first glance, this may seem like a delightful way to remove that pesky wax buildup from deep inside your ear, but the truth is far more grim: while the flame warms up the air in the tube and softens up any small bits of wax on its way out of your canal, it also burns away all those same protective oils right down to their roots. 

And since these oils are responsible for keeping water and other irritants out of your ears (the key function they serve), having them burned off can lead to much bigger problems than just some clogged ears once they start.

Does ear candling relieve pressure?

The warmth from the candles can provide temporary relief from pain and pressure caused by an ear infection that may not be treated with antibiotics. The process of ear candling is believed to reduce inflammation in your ears, as well as relieve common symptoms like itching, soreness, and pressure. However, it is not proven to treat infection.

Is it safe to use ear candles?

When you think about the old days, people would often use candles for ear candling. This practice is now known to be dangerous and even painful at times, with possible side effects such as burns or hearing loss.

From an audiologist’s point of view, we are bothered by the fact that the FDA hasn’t approved ear candles for any medical use. In fact, it has issued warnings to manufacturers and stopped the import of ear candles but they do have their place in successful auriculotherapy.

Professional Earwax Removal in Rochester, NY

Earwax removal is a delicate process. You have to be careful. We discourage using ear candles because they are not safe and can cause damage by burning your skin or perforating your eardrum (ouch!). Going to an audiologist is the best and safest way to deal with earwax.

Don’t put anything in your ear to get rid of wax buildup. Trust us, you’ll just be wasting time and energy. Or worse, you’ll make the problem worse. 

If you are planning on using ear candles to deal with earwax, you might want to reconsider your decisions. We encourage you to visit an audiologist when you have any ear problems. Ontario Hearing Centers provides professional earwax removal in Rochester, NY

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