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An audiologist is a healthcare professional who specializes in hearing and balance disorders. They diagnose, treat, and manage hearing loss and balance problems in people of all ages. Audiologists also provide education and counseling on hearing health and prevention.

If you are concerned about your hearing or balance, it is important to see an audiologist. Early diagnosis and treatment can help to prevent further hearing loss and improve your quality of life.

Ontario Hearing Center has audiologists in Pittsford, NY, ready to address your hearing needs and concerns.

Hearing and Balance Testing

Audiologists use a variety of tests to assess hearing and balance. These tests may include hearing thresholds, speech discrimination, and auditory processing.

Audiologists may also use imaging tests, such as computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

Once an audiologist has diagnosed a hearing or balance disorder, they will develop a treatment plan. This plan may include hearing aids, assistive listening devices, or therapy. Audiologists may also refer patients to other healthcare providers, such as otolaryngologists (ear, nose, and throat doctors) or neurologists.

Can an audiologist clean your ears?

Yes, audiologists can clean your ears as part of their scope of practice. Ear cleaning is a common procedure performed by audiologists to remove excessive earwax (cerumen) or debris that may be causing hearing problems or discomfort.

However, it’s important to note that the methods used by audiologists for ear cleaning are safe and gentle to prevent any potential damage to the ear canal or eardrum.

Audiologists use various techniques for ear cleaning, depending on the individual’s specific situation and the amount of earwax present. Some common methods include:

  1. Irrigation: This method involves using a syringe or a specialized irrigation device to gently flush out the ear canal with warm water or a saline solution. The water helps to soften the earwax, making it easier to remove.
  2. Manual Removal: Audiologists may also use specialized tools like curettes or suction devices to manually remove earwax buildup or debris from the ear canal.
  3. Microsuction: Microsuction is a gentle and precise method that uses a microscope and a small suction tube to carefully remove earwax without pushing it deeper into the ear.

It’s essential to have ear cleaning performed by a qualified and experienced professional, like an audiologist, to ensure safety and effectiveness. Attempting to clean your ears at home using cotton swabs or other objects can be harmful, as it may push the earwax deeper into the ear canal and potentially lead to injury or earwax impaction.

If you are experiencing symptoms like ear discomfort, reduced hearing, or a feeling of fullness in your ears, it’s best to consult with an audiologist or a healthcare provider.

They can examine your ears, determine the cause of the issue, and recommend the appropriate ear-cleaning method or treatment to address the problem safely and effectively.

What is the difference between an audiologist and ENT?

Audiologists and ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) specialists, also known as otolaryngologists, are both healthcare professionals involved in diagnosing and treating conditions related to the ears.

Audiologists specialize in hearing and balance disorders, providing hearing assessments, hearing rehabilitation, and fitting hearing aids. On the other hand, ENT specialists have a broader scope, encompassing the medical and surgical treatment of conditions affecting the ears, nose, throat, and related structures. They may collaborate with audiologists to provide comprehensive care for patients with ear-related issues.

Audiologists in Pittsford, NY: Ontario Hearing Center

Audiologists are dedicated to improving the well-being of individuals with hearing impairments. Their extensive education, training, and specialized knowledge establish them as leading experts in evaluating and treating various hearing and balance disorders.

By conducting thorough hearing assessments, offering counseling, and expertly fitting hearing aids, audiologists play a pivotal role in supporting patients on their journey to better hearing health.

If you or someone you know is facing hearing challenges, seeking the guidance of a qualified audiologist can be a life-changing decision, leading to better communication with clearer and more vibrant sounds.

Ontario Hearing Center is an audiology and hearing aid clinic with expert audiologists that provides comprehensive hearing care services, hearing tests, cochlear implants, and advanced hearing solutions in Pittsford, NY.

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