Why You Should See An Audiologist

Whether you need a basic hearing test or you’re worried that you may have a serious hearing problem, an audiologist is your go-to hearing care specialist for any hearing-related problem. To gain their title, they have to be highly educated, highly-qualified, and able to provide a wide range of hearing-related services to patients. Our group of Audiologists in Rochester NY are here for any hearing health services you may need.

Why Should I See an Audiologist?

Although an audiologist is a hearing specialist who is well-qualified to help with hearing exams and fitting hearing aids, those aren’t the only situations where you might have to visit one. If you even suspect that you may have some problem with your hearing or balance, you should consider seeing an audiologist. Even if it’s something minor, there’s always the chance that it can become worse if left unchecked.

While feeling a lack of balance or having trouble hearing are two of the most obvious signs that you should see an audiologist, they aren’t the only ones. Excess earwax build-up in your ears can also be a painful and problematic reason to get to your nearest hearing specialist. An audiologist can easily remove earwax so that you can feel comfortable and your ears can be healthy again.

Being hard of hearing is one thing, but having ringing in your ears can also be the tell-tale sign of certain ear conditions like tinnitus. You don’t stand to gain anything by waiting to treat this symptom. Be sure to have an audiologist check the health of your ears. The earlier you catch tinnitus or other similar problems, the more effectively it can be treated.

In short: visit an audiologist if you’re experiencing any balance or hearing-related issue.

Audiologist vs. ENT Doctor

When you have a problem with your ear, the natural reaction is that you should see a doctor. But should you see an ENT who has the word “ear” in their title or an audiologist who also has extensive education and knowledge about treating hearing problems? Depending on the nature of your situation, it’s essential to know which doctor is best suited to help you.

An ENT can provide some basic surgical procedures (like ear tube surgery and otoplasty), and they can also help you to relieve painful conditions such as swimmer’s ear, earaches, and sinusitis. Not only can they help with conditions related to your ears, but also anything related to the nose and throat. If your problem falls under this purview, an ENT is the best way to go.

An audiologist, on the other hand, is specialized in treating hearing loss. If you’re experiencing any hearing problem, go to an audiologist rather than an ENT. The bottom line: for aches and pains, go to the ENT. For hearing loss concerns, head to an audiologist.

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