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Happy Patient

If you are looking for the very best hearing specialist, John J. McNamara, at Ontario Hearing Centers, transcends what you can expect from a Doctor of Audiology. He is a true professional expert and the very best at caring for you as a human being. What a fine combination of traits! If you think you have a hearing problem or know someone who does, you owe it to yourself to make an appointment with John McNamara. After being in his presence for 5 minutes, you will understand why. John is committed to giving everyone of his patients the very best possible hearing. He has the expertise and the very latest state of the art technology. I'm proud and honored to be able to recommend this honest, caring, outstanding audiologist. I've been wearing hearing aids since I was 6 years old. It took a lifetime to find him.


I was recommended by a friend to Ontario Hearing Centers because I was having difficulty understanding my grandchildren, family and friends. I am so pleased with the hearing aids and the service I received. My family noticed a huge difference in how much better I can hear. My Audiologist Andrea Segmond is knowledgeable, capable, kind and understanding and she always followed up with me to see how I was doing. She really addressed the emotional side of getting hearing aids as well as the physical side. She truly treated me as a person and not as just a pair of ears! I have already recommended Ontario Hearing Centers to one of my relatives. I truly underestimated how much I wasn't hearing. I was surprised with how much noise birds make, and the complexity of the tones at a RPD concert! You address the emotional side of getting hearing aids as well as the physical side.


Thank you for the care you have given Bob. His life has improved so much with his new aids. It came at a time when he needed a boost after his accident. He came home yesterday to report on a meeting with a colleague who is soft spoken. He had asked Mike if he noticed anything about their meeting, and mike told Bob he'd never asked him to repeat anything. Bob was just radiating pleasure after all the years of difficulty hearing. From your work, you know this is no small thing. Thank you again!


I’m extremely pleased with the professionalism of Ontario Hearing Centers. Dr. Andrea M. Segmond treats me as a human being showing genuine concern for my well-being. Her extraordinary service goes well beyond the actual purchase of my hearing aids. I've already recommended Ontario Hearing Centers to all of my friends and acquaintances. Andrea, thank you for making me feel comfortable, relaxed, and most of all cared about!