Rochester New York

The History of Rochester

Rochester, NY, was originally settled by an influx of American pilgrims after the Revolutionary War. Many of those pilgrims came from nearby New England, looking for new agricultural land to cultivate. In time, some of the country’s first flour mills were established in the fledgling city, and other production facilities soon sprang up as well.

Despite its newfound wealth, the city’s origins were not without controversy. Social activists were soon rebelling against the sweatshop setting of the city’s production facilities. Antiwar protesters, too, sprang up in Rochester and the city soon seeing civil and political unrest juxtaposed against its economic boom.

After the Civil War, though, the drama died down and returned to its role as a hub for production and manufacturing. By the late 19th century, Rochester, NY, was home to the emerging Eastman Kodak and Bausch & Lomb companies, among many others.

Things to Do In Rochester

Today the city of Rochester, NY, offers visitors and residents alike a wealth of activities, sure to keep everyone entertained for hours!

The Strong Museum is a colorful toy museum with stunning interactive displays both kids and adults will love. The Seneca Park Zoo is also an excellent choice for anyone who has ever dreamed of going on an African safari (without traveling to Africa)! The zoo has a large offering of native and exotic animals, including lion and elephant.

The Rochester Museum and Science Center is a wonderful attraction for those interested in science, technology, and local history. The center offers interactive displays as entertaining as they are educational.

A beautiful outdoor attraction along the Ontario River, The Durand Eastman Park boasts plenty of open space for hiking, picnicking, and relaxing. When you want to enjoy scenic natural attractions and some fresh air, pack a scrumptious picnic basket for the whole family and head on over to the park—you’ll easily do a whole day tour of this beautiful area!

Rochester NY Demographics

According to the 2010 U.S. census, Rochester, NY, holds a population that was 43% white, 41% black, 3% Asian, 6% other races, and almost 4% mixed races. Of the respondents, less than 1% identified as Native American.

Rochester NY High Schools

The Rochester NY City School District includes:
• All City High,
• East Upper School,
• Edison Career & Technology High School,
• James Monroe High School, and
• School of the Arts

What Is Rochester NY Know For?

Rochester, NY, is known for being one of the most livable cities, not only in New York but in the entire country. The city enjoys both a low jobless rate and a low cost of living. The city schools, too, are typically ranked as some of the best in America.

Rochester is affectionately called Flower City as many of its public parks are overflowing with exquisite flora in a wide variety of species. There is a plethora of botanical gardens you can visit in Rochester, as well as several horticulture festivals held throughout the year. When in Rochester, visit the Sunken Garden, the Ellwanger Garden, and Durand-Eastman Park for breathtaking floral displays.