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Rochester Museum and Science Center a Rochester institution known for their education in science, technology, and local history. The museum also owns the Strasenburgh Planetarium next to the museum. They also maintain a nature preserve near Naples, New York called the Cumming Nature Center.

Originally opened in 1912 as the Rochester Municipal Museum, the museum currently boasts a collection of 1.2 million artifacts.

Currently, the museum has the Science on a Sphere exhibit that is a 3-dimensional, interactive globe that projects real-time data from Earth. The Simulator Rides allows you to go to the bottom of Lake Ontario and in another experience go inside a hurricane.

Inside the Inventor Center, you can practice different problem-solving skills where the challenges change every 4-5 months.

The Electricity Theater is like a Nicola Tesla playground. With indoor bolts of musical lightning produced from Tesla coils.

The Illumination exhibit is about reflection, refraction, radio waves, and all the different wavelengths we experience and the different ways the manifest in our world.

The local history exhibits include The American Civil War: The impact of the Industrial Revolution, Flight to Freedom: Rochester’s Underground Railroad, and At the Western Door.

The Strasenburgh Planetarium was opened in 1968. It features star shows, giant-screen films, and laser light shows, all inside its 4-story dome. It currently seats 240 people. It was the first theater to use a Zeiss Mark VI planetarium project. It’s known worldwide for being the first computer automated, as well as it’s technical and programming advancements.

The Strasenburgh Planetarium was recommended for construction after the successful openings of the planetariums in Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles.

Places to Visit Near the Rochester Museum and Science Center

Three Heads Brewing – A popular brewery known for its craft beers and fun ambiance. Often hosting local music.

Food in Rochester NY

Nosh – an upscale New American Resturant, that’s trendy and chic with craft cocktails.

Places in Rochester NY

ROAM Cafe – A casual Italian restaurant that serves classic Italian dishes.

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