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Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable hearing aids are gaining traction in the market. With more and more people using these products, it’s important to know how they work and what they offer. In this blog post, we will go over the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids as well as considerations for those who are thinking about purchasing them or already own one.

Are rechargeable hearing aids more expensive?

Rechargeable hearing aids have a reputation of being more expensive than traditional hearing aids. However, that is not actually the case.

Rechargeable hearing aids may actually be more affordable than their battery operated counterparts. This is because batteries can get costly over time and the rechargeables provide a constant stream of power to your ears without any need for additional purchases. Simply recharge the device and you’re good to go.

Plus, rechargeable hearing aids are also easier on our environment – not having so many disposable items in landfills every year makes this product even better.

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Considerations

There are a few different types of rechargeable hearing aids. Some use more powerful technology, others last longer and some come with extra features like Bluetooth compatibility or TV streaming capabilities.

It is important to consider what you need before purchasing a rechargeable hearing aid. By knowing your desired specifications or expectations from a hearing aid, you can expect to have a favorable hearing journey with the help of the device.

How long do rechargeable hearing aids last?

Rechargeable hearing aids last an average of 20-25hr per charge with a 3-5 year life expectancy.

The time will depend on the wearer’s volume and whether or not there is a noise cancellation feature being used.

More features mean less battery life, but better sound quality for certain listening situations. Quieter environments require fewer power resources from your device so it can stay charged longer (upwards of eight-ten hour charge). 

Each person may have different needs based upon their lifestyle that affects how long they need to recharge their hearing aids. 

How do I choose a good hearing aid?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a good hearing device.  Some of the most important considerations include: personal preference, lifestyle habits and environment (work or home), medical needs for auditory rehabilitation, budget constraints etc. 

If you’re still trying to decide whether to buy a rechargeable hearing aid or a traditional device, the best person to help you would be an audiologist.

Audiologists know the type and level of your hearing loss and they can help map out different options that are based on your specific condition.

What are the best rechargeable hearing aids?

It’s quite difficult to single out one brand when it comes to the “best” rechargeable hearing aids.

As we’ve been telling our patients, no hearing aid is made equal. Some have high-end features, some have Bluetooth and streaming capabilities and some have impressive battery life. 

As audiologists, we try our best to balance out the hearing needs of a patient and his/her personal preferences – style, design, features, etc.

Below are some of the best-selling rechargeable hearing aids as featured on Senior Living:

Oticon: Only manufacturer allowing batteries to be changed in office when replacement is needed

Widex – Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids Overall

Phonak – Fastest Charging Hearing Aids

Starkey – Longest Charge Life

Signia – Best Low Profile Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Best Hearing Aids - Rochester NY

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