Our History

Since 1956, the mission of Ontario Hearing Centers has remained the same. What started solely as a hearing aid dispensary has transformed into a business staffed with audiologists and hearing aid dispensers. We have remained steadfast in our commitment to serving the hard of hearing and deaf individuals in the city of Rochester and its surrounding counties. Our offices located in Gates, Brighton, and PennYan, as well as the service we provide to patient’s in their homes when necessary, is consistent with our mission to serve the community we are a part of.

In 2006, we opened a second office the Gates Region and remain consistent with our initial mission: to see patients not only in our offices, but in their homes as well, ensuring the highest quality of personalized hearing healthcare.

What’s in a Name?

Ontario Hearing Center is named after the great Lake Ontario located just a few miles north of Rochester. The lake itself is the smallest of the Great Lakes, but easily one of the deepest, holding about four times the volume of Lake Erie. We like to think of ourselves in the same way: we may be small, but we strive to serve our patients with compassion, fervor, and expertise, providing you with an experience that goes deeper than typical hearing healthcare.

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