High Falls Rochester, NY 14614

High Falls is located at the heart of the City of Rochester. The High Falls are one of the of 3 waterfalls that are found in the City of Rochester. High Falls is a popular destination for many that live in Rochester. With many restaurants close by and bridge (Pont De Rennes Bridge) that suspends the Genesee River, giving visitors a great view of the falls. The Genesee River is one of only a few rivers in the world that naturally flow from South to North, eventually meeting Lake Ontario.

Early in Rochester’s industrial development, the High Falls provided power by feeding various flour mills and industrial buildings. Today High Falls is used to produce hydroelectric power.

The Genesee River is the reason Rochester NY was originally settled. Connecting parts of Pennsylvania and Upstate New York to Lake Ontario. Providing energy and travel capabilities. The Erie Canal was created to connect other waterways to the Genesee River.

Around High Falls is the Genesee Riverway Trail, passing through High Falls Terrace park. There is a High Falls Overlook west of the falls in front of the Gorsline Building.

During the Summer, Concerts are held at Granite Mills Park near the High Falls. Hosted by Hochstein School of Music.

Located at one end of the Pont De Rennes Bridge is the Genesee Brewery. Founded in 1857, Genesee Brewery is popular brewery and brewhouse in Rochester NY. Owned by North American Breweries, Genesee is one of the oldest Breweries in North America. Their beer list includes many famous beers with some almost 100 years old. Their list includes brands such as Genesee, Honey Brown, Seagrams’s Imperial, Labatt Blue, and Rock Wall.

Places to Visit Near High Falls

Tapas 117 – A global spot for small plates. With a Courtyard for salsa dancing.

Places to Eat in Rochester NY

Pane Vino On The River – An Italian restaurant that over-looks the Genesee River and High Falls. They weekly have live music.

Places in Rochester NY

La Luna – An Italian restaurant with views of High Falls with a beautiful outdoor terrace in a historic building.

Food in Rochester NY