Insurance Update – MVP & Excellus health insurance

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We are happy to announce that as of January 1, 2016, MVP & Excellus health insurance companies have decided to include special hearing aid discounts for their subscribers. We applaud them for taking this initiative to make hearing aids more affordable to those with hearing impairments. We encourage you to take advantage of this program when you are considering replacing your current hearing aid/s.

The program is offered through a distributor named Tru Hearing. Tru Hearing is currently working with select audiology facilities in the upstate NY region. Ontario Hearing Centers is proud to be authorized as one of the few partners chosen by Tru Hearing.

The process, procedure, and scheduling of appointments required to obtain the discounted rate can be very confusing, therefore we strongly recommend that you contact our office prior to calling the toll free number currently listed with MVP and Excellus. We believe our knowledge of your current hearing aid usage and your specific listening needs will enable us to more efficiently guide you to a simpler method of obtaining new hearing aids.

Our staff is available to take your phone call at (585) 442-4180 between the hours of 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday to answer any questions you may have and to assist you in the overall process.

As always, we look forward to helping you with your hearing health care needs

Hearing Services at Home

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Enjoy the Convenience of Hearing Services at Home

In the past, if you wanted to receive quality hearing services you had to travel to a hearing center. But what if you didn’t have the means to get there? Or what if the drive was just too far? Now, the experts at Ontario Hearing Centers in Rochester will bring their hearing services right to your door. Thanks to advancements in technology, their team of audiologists and specialists are able to take their equipment on the road. You can have your hearing evaluated, get fitted for hearing aids, or receive hearing aid repair without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Home visits are an amazing service, but what really sets Ontario Hearing Centers apart is their educated staff and years of experience helping people who are deaf or have hearing impairments. Their staff has a deep understanding of the effects hearing loss can have on a person’s social, family, and work life. They’re also full of solutions and are ready to bring them right to your front door with convenient home services.