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Serving Rochester, NY since 1956. Our audiology team is dedicated to providing quality hearing services. We provide the world’s most advanced hearing technologies and solutions while staying rooted in our traditional values.

Ontario Hearing Centers provides the best audiologists and hearing aids in Rochester NY and nearby locations.

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We are your guide to better hearing.

At Ontario Hearing Centers, we are dedicated to providing quality hearing services so you can enjoy life to the fullest. We make the world’s most advanced hearing technology and solutions fully accessible to the Rochester, NY community.

Ontario Hearing Centers have been providing hearing solutions since 1956. We understand that hearing aids are not the only options for hearing loss. Ontario Hearing Centers is a proud member of the Cochlear Provider Network. If hearing aids don’t provide enough help for your hearing loss, we offer cochlear options so you can hear your very best.

Experience timeless customer service with state-of-the-art hearing technology as we stay on top with innovative solutions for our clients’ needs.

Only the Best For Our Patients

The best audiologists and hearing aids in Rochester NY

For decades, Ontario Hearing Center has been providing expert audiology care to residents of Rochester, NY and nearby areas.
With hearing aid technology being a continually growing aspect of hearing healthcare, we offer high-quality, personalized hearing devices to meet the unique needs of our clients.
We understand that choosing among various hearing aids can be overwhelming. Hence, we take our time going over your options and what will work best for your lifestyle. Begin your journey to better hearing with us – we will guide and support you every step of the way.

Advanced Hearing Solutions + Traditional Values

As a hearing healthcare provider that’s been in the industry for decades, we have witnessed the various shifts and developments when it comes to hearing technology. As a local hearing clinic, we see to it that our patients enjoy traditional, timeless customer service as we continue to provide world-class, innovative hearing solutions geared towards a better quality of life.

Advanced Hearing Solutions + Traditional Values

Frequently Asked Questions

In Rochester, a referral is not necessary to see an audiologist unless Medicare is your primary insurer. Otherwise, almost all insurances cover testing minus a possible co-pay.

Please check with your insurance provider for more information about what your specific healthcare plan covers.

The majority of healthcare plans do not require you have a doctor’s referral for a hearing test in the state of New York. Medicare is one known exception. If you have any questions or concerns about healthcare coverage, please give us a call.

An audiologist is a doctorate-level specialist in hearing anatomy. To work as a hearing aid dispenser, you must be qualified, apply for a license, and have substantial experience with hearing aids. An audiologist must have a doctorate degree in the study of audiology. Before obtaining national certification and a state license, the professional must undergo a supervised externship. An audiologist may be better suited for more medically related services including balance problems, impacted earwax, and noise-induced hearing loss.

Unlike traditional analog hearing aids of the past, digital hearing aids have the capabilities and flexibility of sophisticated computer systems. They are customized for each individual’s hearing loss with the end result creating sound that is crisp and clear regardless of the environment.

We recognize that the options can be overwhelming, so we take our time to go over your options and what will work best for your lifestyle. It’s important that the hearing devices you choose fit your needs, as well as your comfort and hearing loss. We ensure that you are hearing the best you can with the best available devices.

Prices of hearing aids vary depending on the brand, technology, and features of the device. Insurance coverage and level of hearing loss are also big determining factors for the cost of a hearing aid.

Tinnitus refers to hearing sounds that come from inside the body, rather than from an external source. While it is often described as ringing in the ears, tinnitus can also manifest as a buzzing, grinding, or humming sound.
Audiologists are educated and trained professionals who provide a wide range of hearing-related services to patients. Audiologists can identify, assess, and manage disorders of hearing, balancer, and other neural systems.

Earwax is a natural body secretion, but excess production can cause hearing problems. When it comes to removing earwax, the safest way is to let a professional do it. Using cotton buds or swabs may push the earwax deeper into the canal, posing an even bigger problem that may lead to complications. over the counter ear drops may also be used as a “first aid” but the safest and most effective way to rid the ears of excess earwax is through professional earwax removal.

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