What to expect when adjusting to new hearing aid

If you need a hearing aid, you should prepare for a few weeks of adjustment once you start using it. The hearing specialists at Ontario Hearing Centers in Rochester, NY, have been helping people overcome hearing loss for 60 years. Their experienced staff works to educate patients on what to expect once they’re fitted for new hearing aids. They inform patients that the brain needs time to readjust to new sounds and changes in tonal quality. Hearing properly involves a patient’s entire auditory system, which will need some time to adjust. Changes in voice quality and awareness of new environmental sounds as well as speech reception containing more high pitches are common and actually extremely beneficial to improved speech understanding.
The hearing specialists at Ontario Hearing Centers can make adjustments during your fitting by using “real ear” technology, which is an essential process of verification used on ALL their hearing aid fittings. Often times minor adjustments, that would often be missed without real ear equipment, can be made to new hearing aids to assure optimal outcomes. All hearing aids come with a 45-day assessment period, during which time the audiologist or hearing instrument specialist will work with you to make necessary adjustments and measure the improvements.
If you need an experienced hearing service center to measure your hearing loss and recommend a plan that works best for your specific needs, call Ontario Hearing Centers at (585) 442-4180 to schedule a free hearing screening. You can also learn more about their services and products online

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